Planet Eclipse +DW barrel venture- Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Planet Eclipse has tapped into Deadlywind’s carbon noggin to build the perfect merging of a carbon-aluminum barrel kit- the SFL.
With a year’s worth of development and testing, Deadlywind is proud to announce the partnering with Planet Eclipse to help create the SFL barrel currently available with the limited production CSR.


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Phantom Barrels- Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We get asked about Phantom Barrels occasionally and whether we make a CF barrel for the CCI Phantom. The answer of course is YES.


We currently offer Phantom threads for the Fibur CF Barrel.

We will *soon* offer a Phantom back for our Fibur-X barrel.

The Null barrel does not currently offer a Phantom thread, but we will update this post if this changes later.


Deadlywind Phantom Barrel

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Null barrel now has smart parts, kingman, and tippmann threads- Monday, January 2, 2012

New for 2012, we now are offering our budget-minded straight-bore "Null" CF barrel with more than just autococker threads. Just released are now Kingman (ie, Spyder), Tippmann (Phenom, A5, X7), and even Smart Parts (the Ion style threads, including GoG markers). Check out for more information.

Oh and Happy 2012 to you!

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Hollowpoint Bolt animation- Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We've added an animation to our paintball animations page for our Hollowpoint bolt for the Ion. Check it out.

hollowpoint bolt

If you haven't visited out paintball animations page before, go check it out as well.

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hAir Trigger video - from 2004- Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Bit of a trip down memory lane, we just reposted the old video of the "hAir Trigger" system from back in 2004. This was a product we put a lot of time and effort into, but later had to decide to pull the plug on it (for a number of reasons). We even got a patent granted on the technology, #6,990,971.

We're just posting this for fun, so please enjoy... no, we have no intention of reviving it.

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December Retweet Content- Tuesday, December 7, 2010
We've been wanting to get some retweet and other contests rolling, and have a good excuse for one now with the recent release of our new NULL paintball barrel.

So, starting today until Dec 18, we will be giving away a 14" NULL CF barrel to a lucky twitter user.

To join in, just:

-make sure you follow @deadlywind on twitter

-tweet or retweet this message:

    follow @deadlywind and rt this to win a free NULL #paintball barrel- for details. #dwnull

That's it! We will announce the winner on the 18th, and (will at least try to) get it shipped to the winner in time for Christmas!

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A Few Old Projects- Saturday, October 23, 2010
While digging up the old projects info to report on here, I found a few misc projects that we may have never posted online (except maybe on some forums). So I've bunched up a few into a single posting here.

This was an autococker converted to have the pneumatic ram inside the upper tube, and the valve moved inside the grip.

This wasn't our project, extra points for anyone who remembers what this was.. and who made it ;)

Anyone remember the Mayhem? We experimented with some alternative valving for the gun, with good results. We decided not to have anything to do with the gun once we realized how much bolt force was applied - the numbers say it could have chopped your finger right off.

The valve in this Micro Mag was modified to reduce volume and run at higher pressures, thus the chopped off back.

That same body kept getting carved down, until it became an exercise in minimalism.

Ok, we'll end this post for now.. I've found a lot more old stuff to post so we'll save it for another time.
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The Fiddlestick - revisited- Saturday, October 23, 2010

(Just for fun, we're reprinting the original content for a project we did in our early days, late 90's and early 2k's. Enjoy)

(by Colin Moritz)

The FiddleStick.. what is it? Its a trigger-- I guess if you want to call it that- its more of 'stick' that can be 'fiddled' with. It can be activated in ANY planar direction (left, right, forward, backward- and anything in between!). This allows the marker to be fired by just nudging the stick in any direction. No more uncomfortable hand-cramping to get that angle on the other guy while unleashing your flurry of paint.

Those familiar with the 3D-digitizing industry will recognize this design instantly. Its based on the slop = activation principle.. except its not exactly the same.. It has no slop, but it does have an adjustable "null" area in the center. What this means is it has a spring in it that returns it to dead-center w/no slop. But to actually 'activate' it, it must be moved off-center some distance (typical distance is around .003" (or .01mm) at the end of the tip) for it to activate the switch. this movement can be adjusted down to.. umm... theoretically nothing? But reality sets in and requires us to abide by physics and give it a little bit of a null area.. or else every time you bump your marker it would fire.. not good! (or is it?!? heheheh)

Another aspect of the FiddleStick is the ability to "legally?" (NPPL as of 1/18/2002) shoot in a type of re-active firing mode. It will fire upon pushing it forward (against the spring), then letting the spring return it to the center, and change the push to a pull with a second finger (again against the spring). Thats two 'pulls' = two shots. still "legal"! now think of repeating that push/pull process continuously with two fingers... double the rate of fire! This is all in theory of course, as it would take a little learning to do this efficiently... but look out if you do!! :)

Here is the first prototype. Yes, it's ugly!! Im sure ones to follow will be all aluminum (anodizable to any color) and have some 'wicked' look to them. Shown on a SP Vision Impulse, but could be setup on almost any electronic marker.. Angel, Ematrix, etc. Since it houses its own microswitch, It requires two wires to to be picked (soldered) onto the marker's existing circuitboard (piggy-backing the existing switch).

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RailGun - Revisited- Saturday, October 23, 2010

(Just for fun, we're reprinting the original content for a project we did in our early days, late 90's and early 2k's. Enjoy)

After having focused most of our attention to building RAIL kits, We here at DeadlyWind decided it was time to show off a few more of our product ideas. One of these is the "Inchup" grip style. With the Inchup, gone are the days of the Spyders with their grips and regs spread so far apart. After all, if you are going for that style, you might want to look into the Tipman Model 98. I personally have not been much of a fan for the power-feed-only body style (which the X-tra has broken!) and the fairly large gap between the grip and the front regulator/ex-chamber.

So, I give you the DeadlyWind Railgun.

The Railgun is the result of possibly all the best Spyder parts out there, mixed in with some cutting here and milling there, turning out a Spyder like no other. At the heart of the Railgun is a modified RAIL closed bolt kit which is married with a vertical-feed body. The billet trigger frame is then mounted to it an entire inch farther forward than stock, resulting in a tighter, balanced, more appealing package. After hammer modifications are done, the overall travel of the hammer is reduced, which results in more consistence strikes, less kick, and less re-cock effort. A custom-made aluminum/delrin hybrid bolt is 8 times lighter than stock bolts while allowing more flow. Add to that a valve board out to the max, low pressure springs, and a high-flow vertical asa adapter, and it just screams "LP!".

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PVC Paintball Gun Concept - Revisited- Friday, October 22, 2010

(Just for fun, we're reprinting the original content for a project we did in our early days, late 90's and early 2k's. Enjoy)

(by Colin Moritz)

OK, what exactly was being smoked when this was built?!? PVC fumes have got to be toxic.. because that and only that can explain this contraption. This is a paintball marker, with the body made entirely of PVC. It is closed bolt, and it operates at around 60PSI! Its valve design is based on the old pressure-difference "pop" disk. While it does allow an ungodly amount of air to pass through it when opened, it is VERY in-efficient. Also because of the spring-returned single-acting home-made air-ram (any more hyphens??) controlling the sleeve bolt, its re-cycle rate is pretty far down there.. around 3 or 4 per second.

The trigger mechanism is based on that of an Automag.. It performs dual actions upon firing. As it is pulled, it first seals the air chamber off from the air supply via an "on-off" valve. Then it releases the "dump" port on the back via a ball-bearing "sear".

If you are looking for a 4 or 3-way, keep looking.. its not there. The air ram operates off the main air chamber.. as the chamber is pressurized, the air ram moves the bolt forward. After firing, and the air chamber is empty, there is no longer any air pressure on the air ram, so the spring returns it back to the open position.. as long as the trigger is held and the air is cut off from it.

This entire marker was built mostly from PVC, 1/8" think aluminum, some nuts and bolts, and some R/C car ball joints and shock cartridges (for the air ram and modified internals for the on-off valve). It takes stock Spyder barrels.. but they thread directly into the PVC... so thread life will probably be pretty short. :/

All it needs now is a nice adj. output tank (60 psi?!?) and a (pvc?!?) dropforward..

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