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Raiders’ coach weighs in on Rams Authentic Rob Havenstein Jersey , McVay, and the Khalil Mack trade Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden – Conference Call – September 5, 2018(On what he saw in Rams Head Coach Sean McVay when he first met him, what his first impressions where and what gave him the idea that McVay could be what he became)“I’ve known (Head Coach) Sean (McVay) since he was a kid, a little kid. Our families, the McVay and Gruden families go way back to 1970. If you know the McVay family they’re all the same. They’re all class, they’re all football people, they’re all hardworking. As good a brand of people as you’ll ever find. John McVay, who was the GM of the (San Francisco) 49ers, helped my dad at Dayton and with the 49ers and it was my time to help a McVay and I wanted to give Sean an opportunity to be a coach. Wouldn’t you know, two or three years later he’s at the top of the profession. It’s a real tribute to him.” (On if he could tell McVay was cut from a different cloth early on in his career and if he could tell that he was willing to do whatever it took to get to where he got)“Yeah, we had a lot of good young coaches. My brother (Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden) and (49ers Head Coach) Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay were all quality control coaches. You could see right away his ability to take something from the chalkboard, from the meeting room, out on the grass and coach it. He earned the respect of players right away because they knew he could help him. He’s just enthusiastic, knowledgeable, hardworking and driven to be great. He’s a chip off the old block. He’s a chip off his grandfather that’s for sure.” (On what his first thought was when he saw the Raiders would be playing McVay and the Rams in Week 1)“I really didn’t think about Sean McVay that much. I thought that’s a hell of an opportunity for us to play a team everybody’s talking about. We’ll see exactly where we are in a great stage – Monday Night Football. I look forward to competing with everybody with the NFL, I’m sure he feels the same.” (On if he ever sees himself in McVay’s mannerisms)“Yeah Womens Robert Woods Jersey , I do. I think he’s better than (comedian and impressionist) Frank Caliendo really.” (On what he thinks the similarities and differences between him and McVay are)“Well, I think the similarities are, number one, we have a healthy respect for the profession. We’ve been able to see this business at close range. Our fathers have been hired and fired and hired and fired again, and they’ve seen great success. We both have a healthy respect for the profession of coaching. It’s being mentally tough, it’s teaching, it’s continuing to work and try to find ways to help your team, it’s being a competitor. Going out there and competing for 60 minutes. Being a people person – you’re trying to hire great coaches, you’re trying to acquire and develop players. It’s a relentless yearly, daily grind. I think those are the similarities and that we’re both offensive guys, both call plays, both enjoy being around a quarterback. So, we could talk about the similarities probably endlessly. He’s just a lot younger and better looking.” (On if too much is made about how much the game or people have changed since he last coached in the NFL)“I don’t know what people make of it, really. All I do is I just come in here and work at it every day. It’s very similar to when I was here the last time. We have not had a lot of success. We’ve got to turn this team around. We’ve got to get this team built back to where we can compete for championships. It was that way in 1998 and it’s that way 20 years later. We’ve got to put this train back on the track and we’ve tried to assemble the right guys to get us started. We’ll see where we are on Monday night.” (On if QB Jared Goff is on track with where he expected to him to be when he h