Deadlywind brings back the Carbon Fiber foregrip for the Automag

Friday, April 20, 2012

Today we released a product for the old school paintballers who still love their Automags. The DFG2 is a carbon fiber foregrip for the AGD Automag line of paintball markers. If this product sounds familiar, it should - we sold the original carbon fiber foregrip many years ago. The new DFG2 is similar to the original foregrip, but has been enhanced in several ways.


The new version allows adjusting the grip angle, instead of it being fixed at one angle like the prior version. So the new grip allows changing grip angles from +10, +5, 0, -5, and -10 degrees.


The new new grip also features a universal mount, so the same grip will mount to either your Automag "winged" rails, or to the RTPro style "flat" rails.


With these adjustment and adaptor options, this foregrip is able to be offered as a single product that will support any 'Mag with any angle configuration, so it's almost like having several products in one.


For more information, visit the website, or view the product page directly at this link:


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