Deadlywind releases 18" version of Fibur barrel

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Deadlywind has released a new 18" version of their popular "Fibur" line of carbon fiber paintball barrels. The new barrel will appeal to the "sniper" style of woodsball paintball player, who often utilize longer barrels due to the benefits they offer this style of paintball play. Longer barrels are measurably quieter than shorter ones, are easier to aim accurately for "one shot, one kill" situations. The added length can also enable a sniper to blend into their surroundings better by allowing the shooter to push a bit further into grassy or brushy areas.

However, the longer barrel also offers benefits for tournament players as well. Tournament players often press their body and marker into inflatable bunkers to reduce the surfaces exposed to their opponents and to help minimize the chances of being hit. A longer barrel can help the barrel reach further around to the exposed side of a bunker, and so helps the player push further into the bunker and further reduce exposure. Since the Fibur barrels are so light, the extra length of the 18" is still much lighter than most other barrels on the market.

For more information, visit or visit your local Deadlywind dealer.

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