Deadlywind releasing Fibur-X carbon fiber paintball barrel

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Building on the wildly successful Fibur barrel, Deadlywind Paintball is pleased to announce a new variation of the popular Fibur line of paintball barrels. Dubbed the "Fibur-X" ("X" a reference to "exchangeable"), the new barrel line has taken the same proven performance of the Fibur and added removable threaded backs. These exchangeable backs give the barrel the ability to swap to different guns without having to replace the entire barrel. The system also provides a more affordable way to own different lengths of barrels without having to purchase a complete barrel for each length.

The Fibur-X barrel line will hit January 15 2013 and have an MSRP of $95 and a street price around $90; the threaded backs and main bodies will also be available separately. Contact your local Deadlywind dealer for availability, or Deadlywind directly for more information.

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