Fingerlock trigger

Fingerlock trigger for the Ion.
Manufacturer: Deadlywind
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Fingerlock trigger for the Ion. Built with our unique ID bearing clamping method. This advanced dual ball bearing trigger has almost zero slop and includes fixture screws to replace that cheap ol stock hammered-in pin. Slimmer tail section allows for more clearance around aftermarket boards. Also includes magnet and backstop setscrew.

Just how much slop is "near zero" slop? well, ZERO slop would be 0. We measured the distance that a trigger can move side-to-side. This was done with a digital caliper accurate to 0.0005" and we measured at the very bottom of the trigger, where the most movement exists.
The stock trigger moves 0.132" side-to-side. Since it is plastic, it will keep flexing much farther, but this is what we found the average pivot pin slop was.
Most single bearing pivot triggers, like the majority of those cheap ones out there, measured at 0.050". Much better than stock, But these still have the very noticeable "clunk clunk" feeling when pushed side-to-side. That was not good enough for us......
Ours measure an average of 0.007" of side-to-side slop, with some getting down to 0.005"! There is no "clunk" at all. You have to feel this to believe it!!

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