Hollowpoint HP-U3 now available

Sunday, June 20, 2010
We are pleased to announce that we have released the next generation of HollowPoint bolt- the HP "U3".
the new bolt is generation 3 of the Hollowpoint line and now features a "universal" fit (thus the U3 designation) meaning the same HP U3 bolt kit will work with both the normal Ion and the Ion XE versions of the guns.

The most noticeable enhancement with this generation is the introduction of a rubber nose, so the bolt is more gentle on paint and can now be used on the most brittle of paintballs. This rubber nose section also enables the use of a QEV if you like- to cut down on cycle time- and not have to worry about breaking any paint due to the increased bolt-paint impact. This is especially good news to those running SP1 versions with the Blackheart board which has a QEV built-in.

The U3 stalk is also slightly re-designed with an added recharge path slot to allow for faster recharge times in rapid fire.

This third generation bolt is easily recognized by its silver color, which visually differentiates it from the prior black and gold colored versions.

The Hollowpoint bolt has progressed substantially from our first release, and we at Deadlywind are quite proud of our latest version. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Visit /p/101/hollowpoint-ion-bolt for product details.
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