HollowPoint Ion bolt

Ultra light-weight revolutionary bolt for the Ion/XE markers.
Manufacturer: Deadlywind
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End of an era.

Deadlywind created the HP bolt concept. The ARB concept. The lightest bolt in the world. But the target market -Ion based guns- has all but dropped from the picture. We have decided in May 2013 to discontinue the HP bolt line.

Below is the original description and link to manual for past owners and archive sake, but note that they are no longer available.

The latest generation of the HollowPoint bolt is ready! The new silver-colored HP U3 bolt adds a paint-friendly rubber nose, which is gentle on even the most brittle of paints. This means the HP U3 can be used in any Ion/Vibe/XE/SP1 setup - with or without QEV - including those using the Blackheart board in their SP1's.

The HollowPoint Ion bolt is the original of it's design, and the U3 is the result of years of development. The HP U3 Ion bolt uses Hollow Valving™technology which eliminates the use of multiple ports through the bolt --the bolt is one big hollow port! Multiple ports in a bolt introduce structural weak points and air flow turbulence. Hollow Valving allows the bolt to be much lighter, stronger, and higher-flowing. The HP U3 Ion bolt also incorporates our ARB™ (Anti Roll Back) technology. ARB™ eliminates the "ball roll back" problem typically caused by any open or deep-type bolt faces.
Installation instructions here.

- 9.0 gram bolt. You won't even know its cycling. (The blue "stalk" does not move)
- Lowest kick.
- Over twice the valve area and flow path as a stock Ion bolt. Opens faster, flows better.
- Contiguous toroidal air flow path. No porting to break up the air flow into efficiency-robbing turbulence.
- Longer bolt nose section takes better advantage of the Ion's SFT seal than the stock bolt.
- ARB feature prevents ballstack chops caused from the ball rolling back into the cupped bolt face.
- Controlled condition testing yielded 1800 full 290fps shots @ 150 psi from a 68/45 tank. Expect to get 1500-1600 in typical use.
- Quick, easy install.
- NEW U3 version now uses a universal stalk that will work in both the "original" Ion AND the XE versions. We include the mounting hardware for both!

Works with:
- Original generation Ion, Lucky 5.1 bodies
- Ion XE, Vibe, SP1

*At this time we do not suggest using the HP bolt in the Epiphany or EOS due to the higher required operating pressure.

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