nPower Barrel Case

Multi-configurable barrel case with embroidered DW logo.
Manufacturer: Deadlywind
Availability: In stock

(Currently out of stock!)

Soft-side barrel carrying case with embroidered Deadlywind logo, specially made to house multiple barrels (from 6" to 16"), Freak, and Freak XL inserts. Multiple holding positions allow for very configurable combinations such as:
3x barrels + 3x Freak/Freak XL inserts (inserts in each barrel),
2x barrels + 5x Freak inserts (or 4x Freak XL inserts),
1x barrel + 7x Freak inserts (or 5x Freak XL inserts).

In addition to all the above, we also left some room along the side to toss in barrel accessories, like battle swabs or squeegees.

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