Deadlywind Foehn v2.0 - v2.4 "Bolt Out Back" (BOB™) Instructions

The "bolt out back" (BOB™) feature is implemented in all of our Foehn 2.x+ body kits.
We replace the "Air donut", but keep and utilize the already existing threaded bolt tube of the Ion. Unfortunately this upgrade is not backwards compatible with the Foehn V1.0 bodies.

The BOB system will require a little bit of "setup" to install, but once it is in, it will only take 5 seconds to remove the bolt, and about 20 seconds to install it using only a couple of Allen wrenches and removing only 1 screw.

The Foehn body kit includes the body shell with, an air fitting to replace the stock Ion 90* rear banjo bolt, a new black Delrin "air donut" and an anodized aluminum Access Plug. The black Delrin replaces the Ion's aluminum air donut, and the new Access Plug replaces the original Deadlywind back plug.

The Access Plug has a Torx socket milled inside it which will "loosely" engage the Ion bolt chamber's hex shaped tail. The Access Plug has a 3/16" Allen wrench socket out the back of it and 5x possible threaded locations around the perimeter. More on this later.

Initial installation of the Foehn V2.x body kit:

1) Completely remove the old, junky plastic body shell (refer to the Ion owner's manual for disassembly instructions), and throw it as far as possible. :
2) At this point, the rearward Ion bolt chamber and front Breach should be removed but still screwed together. Unscrew them slightly with your hands- it should not take too much force. This is the joint that will allow the bolt assembly to be unscrewed and removed out the back. Screw them back together lightly for now.
3) Remove the metal clip off the tail of the Ion (it may scratch some of the hex area of the tail- this will not hurt a thing)
4) Remove the black aluminum air donut off the tail.
5) Slide the new black Delrin air donut on in place of the stock black aluminum one.
6) Ensure there are two #24 O-rings on the black Delrin air donut, and apply some Ion/shocker lube to them.
7) Make a mark (light scratch) the bottom of the bolt chamber near the back. This will help in alignment in the future.
8) Slip the black aluminum Access Plug onto the tail end of the bolt chamber. It should slide up against the black Delrin air donut. Notice how it can rotate slightly in each direction. This is intentional. There should be about 22 degrees of rotational freedom here.
9) Notice the 5x threaded holes around the perimeter of the black aluminum Access Plug. You will only be using one of these. This is what the back triggerframe screw will be bolting into.
10) There are 6 positions this Access Plug can slip onto the hex tail of the Ion bolt chamber- pick one that allows one of the 5 threaded holes to be pointing directly down-it should be aligned with the scratch/mark from step #7 above.
11) Make a Mark on the black Access Plug near this one hole- It will most likely be the one you will use.
12) Unscrew the rearward Ion bolt chamber and front Breach completely now, and set them aside for now.
13) Moving to the Circuit/Solenoid/Air fittings, remove the back air banjo bolt. (says "5/32" on the grey ring).
14) NEW BOB™ AIR FITTING update: Please see the "initial install step-through" above for details!!

14a) (older style)The 90* air fitting hanging off the bottom of the Foehn body will be taking the place of the original air banjo bolt that was there. This might require some working to get the air tube to slip onto the new 90* fitting- It will be tight. Heating the tube slightly should help it stretch on. The new 90* air fitting on the bottom of the Foehn body is secured and sealed with RED Loctite. If for any reason it breaks loose (takes quite a bit!), unscrew it, clean the threads, re-apply RED Loctite and screw it back in so that it does not protrude through into the inside of the body. It should be pointing directly forward. Let the Loctite cure for about 1-2 hrs.

15) Grab the feed breach section (front half what was unscrewed in step #12 above) (install the ACE board), and slide it in from the front of the Foehn body.
16) Re-assemble the board/solenoid/air fitting back into the triggerframe, re-connect the ACE cable, and place the Foehn body back on top of the trigger frame making sure not to pinch any air lines or the ACE cable.
17) Install the front bolt (under the barrel) but do not tighten yet! Install the middle bolt (in the trigger guard), but do not tighten yet!
18) Slide the rear half of the bolt chamber in from the back of the body. Make sure the marks/scratches on the bolt chamber and the Access Plug can align up. Use a 3/16" Allen wrench in the tail of the Access Plug to "screw" everything in as you slide it in. It will catch and engage the main chamber threads and eventually tighten up.
19) Install the back triggerframe screw and lightly keep pressure on it pushing it in while you perform step #20 below:
20) While you still have the 3/16" Allen wrench in the tail, you will use the 22 degrees of rotational freedom in the Access Plug now to back it off the other direction and find the point at which the back triggerframe screw will find that 1 of 5 threaded hole- when it does, simply thread it in and tighten it down. If it does not "find" the right hole, you might need to remove the Access Plug, rotate it, and try again until the screw finds one of the 5x holes. There is always ONE and ONLY ONE hole that will work, but you have to find it in one of the right 1 of 6 rotational positions.
21) Tighten the front frame screw (under the barrel), and the finally, tighten the middle frame screw.

To remove the bolt in the future:
1) Remove the back triggerframe screw completely
2) Loosen the middle triggerframe screw, removal is not required.
3) Use a 3/16" Allen wrench and unscrew the Access Plug out the back-it will unscrew the rear bolt chamber with it. Once it is fully un-threaded, remove the Access Plug with your fingers, followed by the bolt chamber by grabbing the tail and pulling it out.
4) If the bolt chamber is hard to rotate or remove out the back, try the following:
a. Make sure the back bolt is completely removed.
b. Make sure the middle bolt is loose!
c. Remove the barrel and push the bolt out the back from the front, using either your finger or a squeegee.

To install the bolt in the future:
1) Making use of the marks on the bottom of the components (bolt chamber and Access Plug) make installation much faster. They allow you to get the right 1 in 6 rotational alignment every time without having to guess every time.
2) Simply follow steps #18 - #21 above.

WARNING!! You MUST fully remove the back triggerframe screw, and loosen the "middle" triggerframe screw (the one inside the trigger guard). Removal is not required of this screw, but it must not be tight. This is due to the way the BOB system engages the threaded portion of the bolt chamber, and the way the Ion bolt chamber is designed.

- There is air leaking out the back of the gun body when I gas it up:
i. Try gassing it up quickly at first. The o-rings on the black Delrin Donut need to fly out to seat in.
ii. Check the inside rear of the body for large scratches and/or debris.
iii. Check the 90* air fitting underneath the body to make sure it is not loose.