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Fibur-X CF barrel

The only CF barrel series to use Smart Parts Freak inserts. Fibur-X now with swappable threads.
R$ 95,00

Fibur CF barrel

-DISCONTINUED- Superseded by FiburX series.
R$ 90,00

Fibur-X Main-Barrel

Latest tighter bore version (0.697"). If you need just the Main-Barrel part (carbon fiber), Select from below. This is for just the Fibur-X Main-Barrel by itself. Must be used with a Fibur-X Threaded Adapter.
R$ 80,00

Fibur-X Thread Adapter

If you need just the Thread Adapter part (aluminum), Select from below. This is for just the Fibur-X threaded adapter by itself. Also called a "Back". Must be used with a Fibur-X Main-Barrel.
R$ 15,00

Null CF Barrel

Our straight-bore carbon fiber barrel. The best value in barrels that money can buy!
R$ 59,50

Whip Tip

Carbon Fiber tip solution to 2-piece barrel kits.
R$ 55,00

Fusion Apex2 adapter

Apex2 tip adapter for Fibur, Null, and Whip Tip barrels.
R$ 30,95

nPower Barrel Case

Multi-configurable barrel case with embroidered DW logo.
R$ 29,95

Reskin Apex2 CF cover

Carbon Fiber Stinkops Reskin shell for the Apex2™.
R$ 32,95

Freak Insert

Freak inserts by Smart Parts. Our Fibur barrels require the use of at least one of these!
R$ 0,00