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HollowPoint Ion bolt

The HollowPoint Ion bolt is unlike any other bolt you have ever seen for the Ion or even in paintball. Over a year in development, the HP Ion bolt uses Hollow Valving™ technology (Patent pending) which eliminates the use of multiple ports through the bolt --the bolt is one big port!

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Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel

The Deadlywind Fibur carbon fiber paintball barrels are ultra-lightweight, accurate, and quiet. They are compatible with the Freak replaceable inserts, so one barrel and a few inserts will do the job of multiple barrels.

Carbon Fiber Barrels Paintball
Tactical Ion body shell w/BOB™

The NEW DTI4 Tactical Ion body shell w/BOB™ (Bolt Out Back) is out! The DTI4 is the most recent of our popular StinkOps Tactical paintall gun product line. The DTI4 takes all of the great features of the DTI3 and adds even more!

DTI4 Tactical Ion body shell w/BOB™


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