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DFG2 Automag Carbon Fiber Foregrip

Carbon Fiber foregrip for AGD Automags.
Manufacturer: Deadlywind
Availability: Out of stock


Back by popular demand, but even better this time. We're doing a limited run of our original carbon fiber foregrips for the Automag, but we added some improvements in the process. The DFG2 foregrip is made from real carbon fiber and ULE milled 6061 anodized aluminum, which let us get the weight down to 1.5oz while still maintaining plenty strength. The DFG2 is the lightest, most configurable forgrip available.


Using Electromagnetic Resonant Tuning (just kidding!), we were able make the grip adjustable to 5 different angle positions (+10°, +5°, 0°, -5°, and -10°), and a universal top lets you mount directly to either Automag "wing" rails or RTPro flat rails (with the included "flat top" adapter plate).


Approx. dimensions: 4.1" long x 0.83" diameter (1" diameter top).


The DFG2 is only used with the AGD Automag line of markers. If you do not have a 'Mag, then the DFG2 is not for you..



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